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For the last few times, we are quarantined and following the stay-at-home orders from the government Rules to keep ourselves safe from the coronavirus outbreak. Between these, shopping for grocery and food is important for all of us and we need to follow some precautions while exiting the salmon of the grocery. So, we have to shop online as much as we can so that’s DishPal Grocery Always Ready for your help. How To Sanitize Grocery items.

Therefore, first of all, we have to avoid going outside for more and more and should shop online DishPal App Grocery

Many people questioned our DishPal CEO, how to clean the grocery items or how to cut the grocery items during the Pandemic. And for this, we took information from trusted sources like our Knowledge like  Centers for Disease Control and The Food and Drug Administration and found out solutions

How to sanitize groceries?

1. Wash the things :-

After you return to home buying groceries, So all these things have time to wash and clean. First, clean your hand with soap for 20 seconds. . Clean your bags on one side in a clean area and if they are disposable then throw these bags in the carved. Leave your shoes outdoors. If you go to the store to shop for grocery items then these tips are very helpful for you and if you are shopping for your grocery with the DishPal app, then the DishPal takes full care of your safety. DishPal follows the government policy in full and delivers your food to you.

2. Clean the boxes :-

If you have grocery items in the box, you must immediately put that box in the dustbin, you don’t need to keep them along with the actual item at home. The  Covid-19 virus is known to stay on certain surfaces for Grocery items for around 72 hours. Never cleans soaps and sanitisers of fresh vegetables and meats and anything natural products

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3. Use Disposable Gloves if available :-

Use disposable gloves made of latex, if available, when handling grocery items and toiletries. With which your hands will continue to clean time, do not touch your face, ears, and mouth simultaneously in this task.

That’s it.

You can even try spraying and cleaning the packed items before storing them but never spray anything on fresh produce, instead of clean your fruits, vegetables and meat with Store them in water for a few seconds before storing. We at DishPal Grocery are providing all the necessary groceries in a hygienic environment. To order your necessary items and freshly prepared authentic food, visit DishPal Grocery and order online.

We have published this article to keep away all the grocery shoppers of Covid-19 & Pandemic time.

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