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Safe Food Delivery with No Contact

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DishPal gives you safe food delivery services from our favourite restaurants and cafes, for which we have a complete chain of drivers, for which our drivers deliver safe and tasty food to our customers in Covid-19 time, for which we Fully trained our drivers, how to sanitized themselves time to time and deliver food and the cleanest window selling environment.


It can be challenging to follow a two-meter distance guide to drive-through employees, mostly for drivers who stop the vehicle too close to the window. Or drivers need to take miles from a direct car. So we have shared some tips with you, which help you reduce the physical distance.

1. Ensure First enter your bollards Properly – This will help drivers get away from the window. Attach a small flag as well.

2. If your driver-throw window design does not have permission for plexiglass shield installation. So trained your employees to avoid bending out of the window or going near the vehicle. Plexiglass is still the best deal. Which helps to maintain distance among themselves

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3. Make signage in your Drive – Throw menu board so that your customers can know that you maintain the space. And said to keep their space

4.Consider using takeout trays for all food & drink items – Because it reduces the risk of making direct contact with customers.

Consumer Touchpoints For Safe Food Delivery

Only work on the online payment or cashless ordering methods, restrict for the same payment. For example, if you take cash or use it, then trained your employee for cash handling. Or it is important to wash your hands well before touching other surfaces. Debit card machines and keys also need to be sanitized after customers use them.

Employee Touchpoints For Safe Food Delivery

  • Safely check and automatically open/close drive-through windows. Verifying mechanism. Manually opening and closing the window introduces a normal time.
  • HANDWASHING  – Employees should hand wash thoroughly after ordering and placing each customer
  • BAG HAND-OFF  – Your staff will wash hands after every order. Still, it is a must to be cared to avoid hand contact, but in this case, online order and take-out order delivery is the best option. But still, the takeout drinks and the time of delivery of food are contacted. So all staff has extra care with extra handwashing.
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  • GARBAGE HANDLING  – Most customers are very considerate. But some drive-thru trash outside the receptacles can be potentially dangerous. They are the best option to remove. But this can lead to a greater dustbin. The most common option is the man. It is a must to wear a garbage lifting employee properly adequate PPE (Gloves and Apron) and here we have to double-bagged the garbage. Assuming garbage contains masks and useful materials including.
  • RETURNED ITEMS – After giving the order or items to the customers, bag should be properly sanitized. And don’t open it after that. If customers tell you that an item is missing. Then handover it to others
  • COHORT STAFF – The Government of Canada Hospitals and Nursing Home gave us the first Value of ‘Cohorting’ staff and patients. By courting and avoiding people living. You reduce the infection. Suppose someone gets sick in cohorting. So you get saved from this. The food industry is applying this idea to Covid-19’s risk together with the way. Because she refrained from working with a different company or cohorting. Because it can increase your risk

And two other tips:

•So it is a must to use online food delivery systems as much as you can. DishPal takes care of the safety of its customers and drivers to the fullest extent.

• Paying cash at this time is not safe at all. Online payment is not available to many people. But you can use DishPal credit or DishPal plus, with which you can take advantage of many extra discounts and deals; with this, you get free delivery. We try to deliver our customers in any condition to enjoy fresh and good food from their home.



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