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How DishPal App helps covid’s time restaurant owners

Co-founder Ekam DishPal says.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely difficult on restaurants, and it’s not over yet.
Infection numbers continue to Grow and the situation is too bad. Patios are no longer an option. This means that takeout and delivery orders have become a lifeline for cafe and Hotels.
But delivery apps charge more fees for orders, meaning that restaurants already challenged covid-19 by reduced volumes and high charge are squeezed, often into negative margins, to access customers.
If cafés aren’t on the application, they lose the chance to sell to that customers
Some applications charge as much as a 30 per cent commission on food orders. Most restaurants work on minium margins, and these delivery app fees often mean there’s no profit left for them after they pay the delivery & company cost. This means they get caught between a rock and a hard place in choosing to access an app — sell nothing or sell through the app and lose money.
Delivery demand has been continue increasing, so attracting more customers and restaurants
For most restaurants & Grocery Store, the volume of delivery and the associated cost doesn’t justify a dedicated delivery person. The co-appointment of conveyance without the requesting stage could give cafés a more reasonable decision and permit them to keep up the customers relationship
Delivery and takeout orders have been a lifeline for restaurants in the ongoing Covid-19 that has wiped out demand for indoor dining. But fees charged by the delivery services can often be up to 30 per cent of the bill, which eats into the restaurant’s razor-thin profit margins, to begin with
Even when spring lockdowns shutter Hotels & stores and forced diners to stay home, the chef and proprietor of Two Doors Down offered only curbside pickup, rejecting the sky-high fees charged by food-service delivery companies
With indoor dining banned or significantly reduced in many parts of the country, delivery is one of the leftover Income parts for restaurants. But restaurateurs say high fees of up to 30 per cent charged by online food ordering and delivery apps can make it unprofitable to stay open.
DishPal Food Delivery charges and a Minimum commission of which is among the lowest in the food delivery industry.
Co-founder Ekam DishPal says he launched the DishPal company to help keep restaurants alive after realizing some So that he can help small business owners and resturants.
“We wanted to charge lower fees, keep the money local and give control back to restaurants.
But with DishPal, the restaurant deals directly with the customer to resolve the issue, he says.
“Even before the Covid-19, people wanted more comfort and delivery was growth,” he says. “The lockdowns just Grow that trend, especially for sit-down restaurants.”
Ekam calls the big companies’ fees “absolutely criminal” and says restaurants who view them as “necessary evils” to reach customers, particularly during the pandemic, can Charge between $1,000 and $3,500 a month on fees.
Between all these, the DishPal company took the minimum cost of Covid-19 time, small business and restaurants who are running in the most problem at this time, and help them in online setup and marketing without any hidden charge, so that they can get better Earn profit and be able to run your business comfortably at this time
That is why the CEO of DishPal Company says that we deliver to our customers without any risk and according to the criteria of their health government.



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