About Us

we want a better online, food ordering experience for eaters, restaurants, and drivers. We think you’ll like what we’re up to...

DishPal launched in 2021, out of Surrey, B.C.

After months of research into the online food delivery market, our small team of 6 found that users of restaurant ordering apps are frustrated by easily fixable problems. These are, namely: Late, inaccurate and, no longer warm, food deliveries.

Low, unfair driver wages (with no benefits either!) Independent, small-scale restaurants not being able to afford the service.

We determined to make an app that would not only address the above issues, but would offer more features than most online ordering options available.

So, we asked ourselves important questions that matter to our users. The answers were simple.For example:

  • Why have coupon sites and restaurant review sites been separate from food delivery apps? Let’s combine them into one!
  • How can we show appreciation for our users? Let’s give away prizes with lucky draws!
  • How can we get restaurants in front of more potential customers? Let’s advertise for them!
  • How can we incentivize drivers to join us, and do a good job? Let’s pay them more, and provide medical benefits!
  • Why should an external delivery program cost the same, or more than a restaurant’s in-house delivery service? Let’s slash the fees!
  • Being small is our ability to serve you personally. Being new is our hope to impress you.

We’re new, and we’re local to the Metro Vancouver area. Our current test market is in Surrey and Langley, B.C. We know we could make more by hitting bigger city markets. But we want to make sure we’ve got our systems down, before we do. It’s better to impress, than to be unprepared!

That said, being small, we’re agile, for better customer service. We have no problem sending our office workers out for deliveries, if we have to. We’re ready for in-person visits to answer any questions. And, when you send in your feedback, you can be sure that ‘the top’ is listening.

We’d love for you to try us out as a customer, join us as a driver or partner with us as a restaurant. We’re eager for improvement, and hoping to be the best of our kind, with your help. The more you use DishPal, the more we can serve our community with extensive, cheap food delivery options, career opportunities, and local restaurant growth.

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