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COVID 19 During the pandemic, we saw many establishments become vacant, and many employees lost their jobs. During covid-19, there have been many such changes which we have never thought of and never seen before. For example, the way groceries and food shopping and DishPal’s Grocery delivery have changed.

The restaurants/stores that have adapted themselves to the recording of this epidemic are living their lives with ease today. In this blog, we will talk about the precautions to be taken regarding grocery and food delivery so that you are aware of the danger. None of us would have noticed that changes have been made to food and grocery delivery services for the first time.

DishPal has provided a stress-free and comfortable platform for everyone to support their favourite restaurant and get their favourite restaurants to eat. Where you can order food keeping in mind your safety, many people will have any questions regarding food safety, so we have given measures to keep in mind while shopping grocery.

Things To Keep in Mind While Using DishPal’s Grocery Delivery

  1. Food transmission:
    According to WHO, no evidence of corona outbreaks from food packaging of transmission of covid-19 has been found. Nevertheless, the best advice we should follow is the food department food handling process. In which your hands should be cleaned regularly with sanitizer and detail. We should clean groceries or all food items properly and cook them at the proper temperature. So that their virus is completely eradicated and we can get virus-free food. Although the chances of spoilage of packaging food are very less, still we should take complete care from our side. During this pandemic, the government has said that it is working with the state and local administration to make people aware.
    • As an example, only a few people previously used gloves and masks in restaurants or stores. But now, most of them are using them in the whole process, from the arrival of the order to the order’s delivery.
  1. Pickup & Delivery:
    At Corona, we know that talking to or meeting each other increases the risk of infection. Many restaurants and grocery stores ask their customers to order online and pay for cashless payments as they prefer to have food delivered to their customers at least. If you order from restaurants, select the contactless pickup on the drive-through window. Many establishments are opting for this process for the safety of their customers and staff. As far as possible, apply a mask on your face and wear gloves. And talk as briefly as possible after that, sanitize your hands properly and wash them well. DishPal gives you the option of contactless delivery as far as possible when ordering food and grocery. So that your food can be delivered to your door with safety, so that there will be safety between you and the restaurant, if you want to take food from the restaurants yourself, then follow the rules of the government and WHO.
  1. The food is in your house:
    Everyone is upset with Covid-19 as it can also remain on the packaging surface of grocery and food items for different periods. So that in food delivery, both the customer and the delivery need to be careful. The Canadian government says that when food or any packaging item arrives at your home, it should be touched first by sanitizing and wearing gloves in hand. The food items should be washed with warm water and put in the sun. So that the virus in it is eliminated and the old and children present in your house are less vulnerable to it.

However WHO. And experts say that packaging food is safe in a way. Nevertheless, we must take precautions. The covid-19 virus may be affixed to the surface of these which remains alive on the surface for a certain time. DishPal takes all precautions. Also follows all the rules of the government. So that our delivery partner and customer do not have to take any kind of risk.

Life is slowly coming back on track and still, you are not able to fully enjoy the dining out. So you can easily order your nearest restaurant or favourite food with Dishpal and stay safe at your home. As we mentioned earlier, from time to time sanitizing, wearing masks and other methods completely follow the precautions.

So, use DishPal’s grocery delivery because it’s the safest app for food safety. So download the Dishpal app from the Apple store or Android now and enjoy and enjoy your meal. You can follow the precautions given by us or if you have any suggestions besides these, then you can tell us so that we can get as much safe food as possible.



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