As you know that the outbreak of covid-19 is still going on, under this Dishpal is looking forward to strengthening all its security measures. As you know no one wants to go out of their house during covid, which is also right for our safety. Given this, the government has also recognized online delivery as a service to the citizen. The Food and Safety Authority of India bodies has also stated based on their investigation that the transmission of covid-19 has not been detected by food delivery. To reduce the risk of delivery further, we have come out with some measures, which are something like this:

Trained delivery partner:

When you order from our app, we ensure that. That your order can be delivered to you without any risk. For this, we check our delivery partner’s breath daily, as well as prompting us to wash our hands regularly. Corona related symptoms are also examined properly before delivery. So that your order can reach you safely. And you stayed away from an epidemic like Corona.

Mask for the delivery partner:

Along with delivery, we are also trying to provide a free mask to all customers. It is mandatory to use the mask of our delivery partner during delivery so that they are safe from corona as well as able to deliver safe delivery to their customers. We distribute the mask to our customer before it is fully checked by our partners.

Delivery without customer contact:

Because of the outbreak of Corona, we have given an option in our app to protect our delivery partner and customer, so that the customer can take delivery without contact from the delivery partner. This way social distance will remain between you and your delivery partner. When you order online delivery, you can choose this option and have it placed at your doorstep. After that, you can pick up your order at your convenience.

Consulted with a restaurant partner:

When you choose the option of online delivery of an order, we have shared some rules with our restaurant partners to secure that delivery. Our restaurant partner has assured us that those rules will be followed regularly. Under these rules, we told our restaurateur partner to check the delivery boy’s regular temperature before the order is picked. During delivery, the delivery partner should be motivated to wash hands and in case of any kind of disease, a disease check should be done. The sanitizer facility should also be made available to the delivery partner before picking the order. Keeping your safety in mind, we explained to the restaurant partner that each customer should place the order in a separate bag so that they would be protected from any kind of contact.

Best safety standard for DishPal restaurants:

We have been working with many restaurants for quite some time. Those whom we asked to take precautions for your safety such as packaging the order to be delivered safely. So that there is no problem with your safety. You can also search for the Safety Safety Badge to order from the restaurant associated with us. Apart from this, you can have a glimpse of the restaurant with our app for your safety, whether the food is prepared safely for you or not. We also guide our restaurants to have time to time sanitization. And also follow the government policies for Corona.

After Corona, we do not want any customer to be fond of eating outside. That is why we deliver their orders safely to their home through our delivery partner. From which our delivery partners can protect the millions of people who eat outside and bring groceries. We follow some measures to keep you and our delivery partner safe, which are as follows:

1. If a delivery partner is infected or suspected of being infected, they will be stopped for delivery of the order.

2. If a delivery partner is infected, he will be sent to the nearest hospital and treated. Also, after confirming from them, the people who come in contact with them will be thoroughly investigated. After confirmation of the people in contact, they will be temporarily stopped for delivery of the order.

3. If a customer or delivery partner is infected, their information can be given by any officer.

4. If we have any incident of infection, it will be investigated as soon as possible.

5. If the delivery partner working with us is temporarily suspended for reasons related to Corona, then their treatment and financially the company will help them.

Here we are sharing with you some tips that you can use to keep your order safe.

When you order online, be sure to keep these things in mind before ordering and after receiving the order: 

1. Chose those dishes which are cooked well

> When you order, select the dishes cooked at high temperature like – pizza etc. Avoid ordering raw or undercooked foods.

2. Make more cashless payments

> When you make an online payment, you avoid exchanging cash. And by making cashless payments in this way, you avoid coming in contact with many people.

3. Contactless delivery

> As we said earlier, you can choose to have a contactless delivery option and place your order on a stool, table, outside the door or outside. Sanitize the order well before lifting it.

Measures to be taken after receiving the order:

1. Remove order from outer packaging upon receipt of order

> When you order online, after receiving the order, remove it from the outside container and put it in your container.

2. Wash your hands during the order

> After picking the order, wash your hands for 15-20 seconds and repeat it regularly.

3.After receiving the order, it must be hot.

> As you know that high temperature is more likely to eliminate bacteria, therefore it is necessary for you to protect that after getting food, it must be heated back.



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