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Top Best 100+ food restaurants near Surrey, British Colombia and What you should eat from there. Have a look at healthy food and improve your eating good food habits in college!

How are you Pals, today I am going to tell you a secret that DishPal has now come to you to your college campus by collaborating with more than top 100+ the best food restaurants, the best grocery stores, and the best liquor marts near Surrey British Colombia, Vancouver with the best pizza, burger, snack, Thai cuisine, Punjabi food, tandoori chicken, whopper sandwiches, a lot more check the list below:-

  1. Madras Club House (72 nd eve),
  2. Burger King,
  3. Town In Town Pizza,
  4. Tasty Indian Bistro,
  5. Pizza 64,
  6. White Spot Panorama,
  7. Papa John Pizza,
  8. Boston Pizza,
  9. Pizza Pizza,
  10. Carl’s Jr.,
  11. Pizza Hut,
  12. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen,
  13. Surrey Punjab Dhaba,
  14. Cactus club cafe delta,
  15. Denny’s,
  16. Indian Flavour,
  17. Curry Bistro,
  18. Namdhari’s Punjabi Spice Restaurant,
  19. Payal Liquor Mart,
  20. Quesada burritos and Tacos,
  21. Quiznos,
  22. Pinch of Spice,
  23. Fab Burgers Inc.,
  24. Shawarma Palace,
  25. PG’s Jamaican Restaurant,
  26. Afghan Kitchen,
  27. Marine Drive Liquor Store,
  28. Liquor Mart,
  29. Mc Donald’s,
  30. KFC,
  31. Subway,
  32. O my Tea Cafe,
  33. The Greek Corner,
  34. Sahota Live Grill
  35. Desi Bites Restaurants Dine-In & Takeout Juice Bar
  36. Non-Stop Pizza & Indian Curry (Scott Road)
  37. Swagat Indian Sweets and restaurant
  38. Taste of Punjab (Whalley)
  39. Indian Haveli Restaurant
  40. Spice of Nepal
  41. Thali Indian Cuisine
  42. Omega Pizza and Wings (152nd St)
  43. Papa Johns Pizza (King George Blvd.)
  44. Papa John (152 St.)
  45. Udupi Palace (72nd Ave)
  46. Madras Club House (72nd Ave)
  47. Non Stop pizza (Fraser Hwy)
  48. Gulberg Restaurant (126th St)
  49. Nav Sweets and Restaurant
  50. Manohar Vegetarian Bakery
  51. Payal Chaat House
  52. Tandoori Town Indian Kitchen
  53. WINGS
  54. Green Lettuce
  55. Just Cakes Bakeshop
  56. Lyra Lou Cakes
  57. Captain’s Nook
  58. COBS Bread Bakery
  59. Canadian Surrey Veggie Pizza and Curry House (King George Blvd.)
  60. Alebi African Cuisine (106th Ave)
  61. Doon Express (Ladner Trunk Rd.)
  62. Chef’s Kebab (Fraser Hwy.)
  63. Krishna’s Dosa Grill (120th St)
  64. Caveman Pizza (24th Ave)
  65. Ocean Park Donairs (16th Ave)
  66. Flaming Ice Restaurant and Sports Bar
  67. Frankfurt Doner Kebab
  68. Pamir Diner Afghan Cuisine
  69. Bozzini’s Restaurant
  70. Fresh Cravings
  71. Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken (Nordel Way)
  72. Barcelos (24th Ave)
  73. 7 – Eleven
  74. Shell
  75. Dishpal Groceries
  76. Liquor Mart
  77. Starbucks
  78. Freshii
  79. Panago Pizza
  80. Little Caesars Pizza
  81. Dairy Queen Grill & Chill
  82. Freshslice Pizza
  83. Chicken World
  84. Chacha’s Tandoor & Grill
  85. Tandoori Flame Surrey-Delta
  86. Browns Socialhouse Sunshine Hills
  87. A and W
  88. Tim Horton
  89. Satya Asha
  90. Sushi Wara
  91. Red Robin
  92. Anand Pizza & Sweet Shop Ltd
  93. Swagat Indian Cuisine
  94. Rana catering (new)
  95. Shahi Catering (new)
  96. B&B Restaurant
  97. B & B Restaurant (new)
  98. Main Kebab Hut
  99. Modern Handi
  100. Indian Bay Leaf
  101. New India Buffet + Bar & Restaurant
  102. RV’s Butter Kitchen
  103. Nav Sweets and Restaurant
  104. Manohar Vegetarian Bakery
  105. Payal Chaat House
  • If your child wants to have breakfast from the canteen, encourage him to choose such options: fruit salad or whole fruit. Low-fat yogurt and fruits. Air-popped popcorn (not cooked in oil), low-fat cottage cheese with Chita or absolute crackers. Dipped with vegetable. Boiled eggs. Raisins or Fruit Bread.
  • You will get more time to spend time with your friends because we have got DishPal to come to your campus, top 500+ dishes that you can eat during your campus. DishPal is the fastest and best food delivery app in Surrey, BC, that offers Sushi, Pizza, burgers near British Colombia, which gives the best Indian food. Its cost is also minimum and reasonable prices for everyone.

Benefits of Eating Good Food in College:-

surrey best healthy food

1.    You enjoy the Conversation – If you get good dishes with friends, it’s so much fun to eat and enjoy the Conversation – you did not see the time while sitting with friends. It keeps increasing every time with more discussions.

2.    On the table, you can create so many Friends – This is the specialty of eating good food in the sweetness of a good meal. That’s the truth how much time we sat together we became friends, Stronger and forever. Many relationships are also formed with tea sips in College Campus.

3.    DishPal has reached your campus – Dishpal is known for the best food delivery app in Surrey, BC. DishPal has collaborated with many restaurants to provide you with safe food, grocery, and liquor at the campus, too, so that you can stay healthy by getting safe from viruses. Also, this will help you in eating good food in college.

4.    Delivering Online Food Companies take proper precautions – Dishpal workers always wash their hands before picking up your order. If you search Best Pizza Near Me on Google, then you will find DishPal. You can order food at home and now on campus too.

5.    Tasty food can make your relationship stronger You can eat tasty food on campus by placing an order online through DishPal, the best and fast food delivery app in Vancouver. With your friends, you can take the Conversation a little further with a cup of tea. Along with love, your love will grow. You will get the time to eat tasty food / yummy food with your partner, which you have missed in Coronavirus because some got locked with their partners and families. Still, some get into LDR’s (Long Distance Relationships). And seriously, LDR’s have not that much fun, which we get to enjoy in real-time by seeing each other face to face.

  • So, you must have missed your friends, colleagues a lot, right? Because as you know, everyone missed their daily life routine when Coronavirus came and made us feel sad. We lost few people due to this disease. I am pretty sure all of you have cooked a lot in this quarantine period with your partners and posted on Instagram as well. Some took it as a challenge, and some took it as fun.
  • In between sitting and doing our work from home, we didn’t talk to some friends, which we do regularly on the college campus. After getting back to campus, I know it’s complicated for some people to start the conversation again with old friends because there is some hesitation still going on in everyone’s mind – “Oh, she looks so changed naa..? Yaa, look at her; she is not even looking at me; Why Should I talk to her and all…” But wait, you don’t have to worry much about things. Just order one food Pizza, Burger, Coffee, whichever you want and start the conversation with the other person. I hope this blog is helpful to you and improves your immunity after eating good food in College. You will be going to end up becoming friends with each other again, and yes, don’t forget to thank DishPal because of their decision you have ended up making good friends.



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