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10 Initiatives took to Remove Fake DishPal Rating and Reviews

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DishPal took initiative to remove fake reviews and improved customer experience. It’s the best thing that DishPal has done. It takes huge courage, time, and inner peace to do that for a Brand. DishPal rating and reviews have done it and showed people that if you will work on Better Customer Experience then only you will be praised more.


  • Later on in Corona, we took feedback from our customer and restaurant partner community for DishPal ratings and reviews on how we can show them better, and based on this, in our upcoming update, we showed this system in a new way that makes the restaurant a restaurant. It will be shown on the man page itself. According to us, it will be a new experience for our customers. Where we will feel that we are doing something new for our customers and we can represent them as a Brand.
  • Our team researched and believed the feedback we received from our customer and partner feedback based on which we incorporated those things in our upcoming new updates and revamped the review and rating system – going to launch soon.
  • Now in our new update, we will see that we have created two different DishPal rating and reviews systems for food and delivery, in which the customer will be given a red color rating in the app to identify how the customer has made the food delivery and food experience in their chosen restaurant has been retained. When a customer opens the restaurant on the DishPal app to order tea food, he will be able to see the rating in the starting, which will make it easier for the customer to recognize the review and rating of the restaurant.
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  • This update will go live in our food delivery market in India and Canada. DishPal users will continue to see reviews and ratings-driven by a new improved algorithm. The DishPal team believes that this will make your experience on DishPal more accurate. And will be able to relate the experience of the customer more accurately with each grocery and restaurant.
  • Our team continues working for your trustworthy reviews. Our team has been working very hard for the last few times so that they can make the rating algorithm better. We have seen in the last few times that some people are doing fake reviews and ratings and we have done a lot of work to remove them. We are doing this to make sure that our customer has 100% genuine and easy to choose the right restaurant and he can order with the right restaurant.
  • In the upcoming new update of our DishPal app, we have made a lot of changes to our review and rating system to detect fake reviews and ratings in a big way so that we can easily remove fake reviews and ratings. DishPal’s restaurant partner is also working hard on this. For every customer who orders DishPal, it will be able to bring a better experience. DishPal CEO Ekam said that we do not want our right customer to have any problem in the food experience due to some bad actors.
  • Examples of such bad actors are Like some restaurants give money to those agencies for fake reviews and ratings and ask them to write fake reviews and ratings or offer customers to write fake ratings and reviews in exchange for free food. Or the customer is paid by writing fake reviews. Because they know that they can attract more and more customers to themselves by buying fake reviews and ratings. But this can be a bad experience in food for the right customer. For this, in our new update, we have already used our algorithms to identify them, that they could not get such fake reviews and ratings. Or they will be given a warning by DishPal’s team first, if they do not stop buying the review rating then they will be blocked. Because it is a priority for DishPal to give their customer a better food delivery experience.
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  • The restaurant we have with the right activity and more reviews is given a different place or top priority in the Dishpal app. Because they provide the customer with a correct and better experience. We will red mark those restaurants that are collecting reviews and ratings in the wrong way or by repeating patterns so that the customer does not have to face a bad experience.
  • I would like to reiterate once again that DishPal’s review and rating system is the most important and top priority part of us that works independently and works flawlessly without compromising. Our team of DishPal works on this review and rating system so that every problem can be solved. Our DishPal CEO Ekam says that we were able to give our customers a better food and grocery experience without any compromise and could always serve fresh and tasty food to our customers. If you also have a better suggestion for this, then you can mail us, we will consider your every suggestion and will try our best to implement it.
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