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How to support your local business:

DishPal is nothing without his partner. Whichever colony or wherever you live. It is the local vendors nearby who give us their daily use items. All local restaurants, grocery stores, shops and all hardworking vendors make life easier for all of us and thousands of people. We all know that they have faced many difficulties in the recent past. The lockdown has greatly affected them. DishPal supports Your local Business and works to make them successful. This is our top priority for them.

So we expect all of you to help them as well. This is the most difficult time compared to other years, so expect more expectations.

Many small businesses have had to close in the last few months. And many businesses have been forced to close. Apart from this, millions of Canadians have also had to lose their jobs in the lockdown.

DishPal is working closely with his partner to make it successful and well beyond. At the same time, he is getting them a perfect platform on minimum costing. So that they can compensate for their loss and can carry on their business without any difficulty.

Also, we would like to thank all our customers, that they are supporting us in this mission. And supporting their local business.

We have shown easy and right ways here so that you can easily help your local business without paying any money.

1. By giving review and rating on Google or social media :-

If you want to help your local vendors, you can give them a review and rating on Google. You can reach out to as many people as possible by writing about them on social media or reposting their account posts on your page. All this helps the business and owner to build a good reputation online. So that that business can be shown to as many people as possible. That business can offer its service to more customers. When you help them to spread a post or message, their business comes up. And they get a positive rating by the customer. You can also help them by ordering from your nearest vendor through Dishpal.

2. Donating some money for small business :-

Try to buy as much as you can from the local vendor near you. When you are buying grocery or food items from your local vendor, you can give them some extra money. You can give them 1 or 2 $ extras for your bill when the bill is 6 or 6 $ for the example. Which can greatly help that business owner and the person working there.

Similarly, when you order from Dishpal, you can help them by giving some tip to your delivery boy. All of this gives them a boost and can be of great help during the covid.

3. Online shopping from a local vendor :-

As we all know, this lockdown/covid has completely changed our shopping experience. And the government has issued instructions to shop online. Which has changed the entire experience of shopping. So we can support small businesses by supporting them online or purchasing from them. We can also encourage our friends or family members to shop from local vendors. Within this campaign, Dishpal also gives his local vendors the option of food delivery on zero commission above the Dishpal app.

How DishPal supports local vendors :-

DishPal helps its local grocery stores and vendors to bring them through their platform to the maximum customer. So that they get more and more orders and also helps in delivering their orders. Corona’s time when the government imposed a lockdown in its entirety. The Canadians then had to face many challenges and hardships to buy their essential goods. At that time, our local vendors and delivery boy delivered the necessary goods to us. So that we can live our life comfortably and we do not have to face any problem. So together with Dishpal we should all help them together and try to order from our local vendor at the most. Which you can also order through your local vendor or store through Dishpal App. We deliver your order to your home so that you will avoid going in the crowd. You will also get your order with safety. With this, you can also take advantage of DishPal’s coupons, discounts and cashback offers.



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